New things at the bead biz!

SO! There are new things popping up at The Bead Biz!

There is new chain! I’m so excited about this because chain is SO in right now!! We have them in different base metals: copper, antique copper, gold, antiqued gold, silver and gunmetal. They come in lots of new styles!!

Lora also picked up some new seed beads in North Carolina.  She got a large assortment  of bugle beads, and hexs in various colors and sizes.  They are $5.00 a tube.

She also picked up some rayon threads in lots of colors for the tassel class in  August. The class is filling up very quickly so hurry and sign up!! If you remember we had pictures of a few tassels on here. It’s a two day class and something new that The Bead Biz has never offered!

Just as a reminder: Lora loves to recycle seed bead tube! So bring in your old tubes and she will give you 10 cents credit per tube. That can add up quick!

Also!! Beadapolooza is shaping up well. We have a lot of vendors sending things in and Gordon’s (base metal findings and gemstones) is coming in person! As a matter of fact she called and said that the gemstone are coming directly from the cutting factory straight to the Bead Biz. So we will have first peek and choice of their shipments!!

It’s time to get excited about new items and happenings! If you have any questions- don’t hesitate!
I hope everyone is doing well!




SO! This weekend is our Clasp Trunk show! I’m really excited! I love looking at clasps and a unique clasp can really set a piece apart from the rest. I hope you agree and come and see us this weekend!
Remember! If you can’t make it, go look around online, call us with one you like and we’ll save it for you! Then within the next week you can come and pick it up!
Take a look here!

Also, I know lots of ladies that love fresh veggies, so I found this on skirt! magazine’s website.

July 25, 2009 Tomayto, tomahto. Get a taste of one of 30+ varieties of heirloom tomatoes produced at the Mount Laurel Organic Gardens today. Take a tour, enjoy tomato-enriched recipes from Southeastern Chefs and chow down on a $5 picnic lunch of Jerry Spencer’s famous gourmet heirloom tomato sandwiches. If you don’t get your fill, pick some maters to carry home with you! Call more information at 991.0042.

Hope to see you around!


Bead Blab with Marsha Ingram

Marsha Ingram is an unforgettable woman that stands out the minute she comes in the door.
She can always be seen in a wonderful wide brimmed hat,

This is our first  Bead Blab! We’ll be doing interviews with artists that contribute to our Etsy shop.  This means you get to know the wonderful artists behind the jewelry!

Marsha Ingram is an unforgettable woman that stands out the minute she comes in the door.  She can always be seen wearing a wide brimmed hat and a great smile that is just as wide. She is also the very first in our Bead Blab!  Go check some of her work in our Etsy shop!

Marsha has been creating things since she was young. She was always trying to figure out ways to make something. Marsha did a lot of macrame as a kid and now she makes all sorts of things. She does the wonderful beaded embroidery that can be seen here at The Bead biz and in the Etsy shop. It was always the case though, says Lora. “Marsha was afraid of seed beads!” she laughs. Apparently, Marsha did not like the little beads and Lora had to talk her into them. I think that is so funny becaues now, all i see her doing is working with those tiny little seed beads.

Other than jewelry Marsha also crochets, makes stepping stones, and is big into gardening! So it’s no surprise that nature is a big inspiration for her art, “I’ve always enjoyed it,” Marsha said. Marsha also mentioned that her dogs inspire her as well and during the interview Jan suspiciously asked, “When’s the last time one of your dogs inspired something you made?” and she replied that when the dogs break something she has to come up with a way to put it back together!

When asked what other craft she would love to master, Marsha wished for skills with the paintbrush. She has done hand coloring on black and white photographs, “…but to start from a blank piece of paper -haven’t been able to do that.” That’s quite okay though, I thought, she does lots of wonderful work.

Marsha is in the shop quite often and hangs out with all of us here. She has been coming since she moved to Helena 3 years ago and has never strayed. If you become one of our regulars, you are sure to meet her and fall in love with her amazing spirit.

This item is for sale on Etsy!

This item is for sale on Etsy!



This is a wireworking piece Marsha did a while ago.

This is a wireworking piece Marsha did a while ago.

Bead Biz blabbin’

SO! This weekend has just started and there are a few of us here already talking about Friday! How sad! Don’t they know that it is a sure way to make the week seem longer? Well, Lora is excited about Art on the Rocks. I believe she has already started concocting her outfit!

Today, Wendy stopped by to work on a necklace and they started chatting about this: Miss Manners It weirded me out! Anything like this happen to you? or heard about something similar?

Jan may have jury duty coming up, and we started chatting about weird questions that they ask potential jury members: Are you an Alabama or Auburn fan? Do you use Twitter?     Heard of any others?

Also! This Sunday @ The Wine Loft, Carolina Liar will be there at 7 pm.

Lots of stuff to look forward to! But for now, enjoy your Monday!


New necklace!

SO! I had been meaning, to make a necklace FOREVER!…ok well, since I’ve started at The Bead Biz I’ve wanted to make something. Finally, I got around to it, and yesterday I spent ALL day at the shop so I could finish it. Here she is!

Hope you enjoy! Also check out the Necklace showcase we are involved in at Etsy!

Have a great weekend,


New Feature!

SO! We are going to start interviewing some of the jewelry artists that have contributed to our Etsy so that you may get to know them better and see their work!! Up first is Marsha Ingram! We will interview her this week to check back with us for her post!

What if the strand was 50% off?…

SO! In our June Newsletter we mentioned that you can get a discount on gemstones and I know that many of you have been eying some wonderful things here. What if the strand was 50% off? This is just a reminder of our Blog for Beads program!

If you mention us in your blog, facebook, twitter, myspace, or any other website, email us the link to your shout-out. After your third good deed, we’ll email you a coupon for 50% off gemtstones! All we ask is that you accompany a link to one of our online sites ( blog, FB, twitter, Etsy, or website) to your Bead Biz mention.

See? Not hard at all! Just email me ( ) with the subject Blog for Beads.


Lora’s workin hard…

SO! Lora just finished a necklace ( and of course matching earrings and bracelet) and it’s beautiful! I thought I’d share them with you!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting a free class- Stretching Your Bead Budget! Melanie, Pat, and Althea hung out with us to what turned out to be a 4.5 hour bead fest! These were some dedicated ladies. I was here last night till about 10 to work on our Etsy but then I had to head home. They had a great time chatting and sharing tips. Fun things always happen after hours!

Well, I hope you guys have a great weekend!
Tonight in Helena, Kung Fu Panda will be playing at dusk at Buck Creek Park. Lora will surely be there with many of Helena’s wonderful residents and their guests!

On Saturday, For one spectacular evening the Birmingham Area Chapter of the American Red Cross will turn a section of Birmingham’s “Loft District” in to an outdoor digital art show featuring digital artist from around the globe! Digital pieces will be shown by projection on to screens and buildings along 2nd Avenue North between 22nd and 24th Streets. The show will include digital photography, short animation, short film and still digital art pieces. Check back often for more updates, images and information!

Be safe! and see you on MONDAY..We’ll have some items in the Gift Guide Showcase!


Back on track..

SO! I’m sorry I have been flaky! My computer died last week and I’ve been in a panic trying to find a replacement hard drive. I’ve been using Lora’s computer but that takes some getting used to. I’m sure that some of you are as attached to your computer as I am, so you can understand my pain. *tear*
I realize that this doesn’t completely excuse my absence. Phyllis also dropped off a fairly large collection of jewelry for me to put on Etsy. So that has been taking up a lot of my time here at The Bead Biz.

Today starts Etsy’s Yart Sale! ( Yard +art= Yart ) We are participating, go check out the items we’ve selected for it.Yart Sale!

It’s been busy today in the shop! We’ve had some sweet ladies stay for a while. Ms. Deana Cross and Ms. Leslie Hubbard have been having a wonderful time today making all sorts of things and hanging out with us.

Also, a very talented English lady came by, Claire Mathews. She makes beautiful tassels in gorgeous jewel tones. We’re going to try and get her to teach a class here in July. I’ll have my fingers crossed.



Everyone admiring the tassels

Everyone admiring the tassels

I’ll be in the shop later tomorrow! I hope to see some new faces!


Getting ready for Art on the Rocks…

SO! Tomorrow night kicks off the first night in the Art on the Rocks! season at the Birmingham Art Museum. I’m so excited because I’ve heard great things and I’ve never been able to make it…and NOW..I get to go! It’s tomorrow night from 5-10 pm and there will be lots to see/do/drink! 😉 

What I love most about attending things like this, is getting all jazzed up! Now I already have my outfit picked out, BUT I have absolutely no idea what jewelry I’m going to wear; this always happens to me. I was planning on actually making something, but I’m kinda running out of time. SO! I may have to just get something. 

My dress is simple because I love dressing it up with accessories. Which of course makes it a little harder on me to pick out jewelry, but I really dont’ mind. 🙂 I like looking through pretty things!

I thought maybe some of you are in the same boat. Whether you have plans tomorrow, this weekend, or later take a look at what I found. I thought I’d take some pictures of what’s around the shop right now. I also threw in a few necklaces from our Etsy shop! If you have any questions about the pieces you can email me. or call us

OH! Word on the the street is that Jan, that also works here The Bead Biz, is going to attend too!! So make sure you say hi! Do you have any plans coming up? I’d love to know what you guys are up to and especially what you’re wearing!! and of course, if you need any help in picking out jewelery I’d love to help!


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